All rent is due upon 1st day of month and is non-refundable.


Rent is pro-rated when tenant moves in, but not when moving out.  When you move out, be sure to be out before the 1st of the following month in order for your Security Deposit to be refunded.  If tenant is still occupying unit on the 1st of month, intending to move out, the rent for the month will still be due in advance and is non-refundable.  The Security Deposit will be retained for that month if the rent is not paid.


By the 15TH of the month – all unpaid units will be locked and a $10 Late Fee will be added to the account.  A Certified Letter may be sent notifying tenant of intent to sell.  If this letter is sent certified, a Certified Letter charge will be added to tenant’s account, plus all legal fees connected to sale of unit.


A Notice of Sale ad will be placed in the newspaper identifying tenant’s name and a description of property to be sold, date, time and place of sale.


Also please note:

  1. Only one lock is permitted on unit.  Second lock space is for Ables Mini & RV Storage use only.  Ables will lock units of delinquent accounts and may process as stated above. 

  2. Once unit is locked because of delinquent account, all rent due must be paid for unit to be unlocked.  Partial payment may be accepted, but unit will not be unlocked until account is paid in full, including current month’s rent.  If tenant has more than one unit, account must be paid in full before any unit is unlocked.

  3. Any change in contract information (address, phone number, etc.) must be reported to Ables Mini & RV Storage in writing, dated and signed by tenant.


To prevent extra charges and/or selling of contents, please be sure that rent is paid when due:  On the 1ST of the month.


Payment Options:

  • Automatic Recurring Credit Card Monthly Charges (Form must be filled-out) 

  • Phone (Credit/Debit Card) (972-875-2658)

  • Mail (Ables Mini & RV Storage, PO Box 81, Ennis, TX 75120)

  • In person (2501 N. Kaufman St., Ennis, TX 75119)

  • After-hours mail slot (to the right of office door, under mailbox)